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  • Cinnamon Oat Biscuits

    Our eldest son, Oscar, has a disability which sometimes means hospital stays. This week saw us back at Sydney Children’s Hospital but blessedly just for one day, even if that one day involved getting up at 5, waiting for five hours before going into theatres and all the rest. I’m of the firm belief that […]

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  • Apple teacake

    I have a confession to make here, despite this being only the second recipe I’m posting and it both of them being cake recipes I’m not the greatest fan of cake. I used to work with someone who called cake “empty calories” and she did have an albeit sad point. So for me to love […]

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  • Weekend round up: spring birthday BBQ

    It was a big weekend here at Chez Allconsuming Food. Mum is 70 this week so we had 20 people for Sunday lunch to mark the occasion. I abandoned long ago the fancy pants dinner party pretences. If you come to our place expect to be fed and fed well but don’t expect foams, sands, […]

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  • One bowl chocolate cake recipe

    We’re in the thick of school holidays over here at the moment, a time when our food bills rival the GDP of a small African nation and the phrase “I’m hungry” gets uttered with more regularity than my brain can cope with. It’s times like these I fall back on old faithful recipes like this […]

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  • Notes from the kitchen

    So Chef sent me a photo from the kitchen yesterday – three large white containers in the blast chiller – with the note, “well that made more than I expected”. FIFTEEN glorious litres of the finest vanilla bean ice cream made with the best jersey milk around. WINNING. This morning I was taking photos of […]

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  • Narrabeen skies

      I’m not sure what the weather is doing in your part of the world, but over here in our little corner of Sydney’s Northern Beaches it has been ridiculously glorious. The last day of winter saw us at the beach, THE BEACH!, swimming and skylarking about. We’ve still got delightfully cool evenings but the […]

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  • Underway

    WOW – here we are! Chef has spent the first day in the commercial kitchen cooking up a storm. I have made possibly the best ever marmalade I’ve ever made – that’s it up there, it is a plate of Australian sunshine. Bright and radiant with quite a bite. It’s a grapefruit variety, made with fruit […]

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  • So here we go

    Basically a year in the making Chef and I are finally almost ready to open up our online shop of awesome.   We make all the things so you don’t have to. Each week we’ll have on offer five different meals for you to choose from. Choose one, choose five it doesn’t matter. What matters is […]

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